End to End Reconfigurability

Data Start Project


UPC Project Responsible

Ramon Agusti

Data End Project


UPC Project Researchers

Ferran Casadevall
Ramon Ferrus
Antoni Gelonch
Jordi Perez-Romero
Oriol Sallent
Anna Umbert
Juan Sanchez

Building on the successful developments of the first phase, E2R II will demonstrate and validate technologies that enable a true seamless experience based on reconfigurable heterogeneous systems. The project will pursue research into the most promising directions towards removing walls (current technical and regulatory limitations) and building bridges (technical) in order to facilitate the vision of true end-to-end connectivity.

E2R II will thus contribute to the realisation of the ambient intelligence vision through which a modern society will interact and communicates with key capabilities of the eco-system and finally actively influence European industrial and economic competitiveness. Standardisation, dissemination and knowledge sharing under training instruments will be intensely used to consolidate this influence.

This project includes the key players in the domain of Reconfigurability, Software Defined Radio and Cognitive Radio who have an accurate understanding of the state-of-the-art from various projects and bodies. These previous initiatives have motivated the E2R I project, but today’s ambitions, especially after the first phase, are to go further to the end-to-end aspect and reconfigurability support aiming at providing the seamless experience to users, enabled by the end-to-end reconfigurability.

The E2R II project addresses the core of the strategic objective "Mobile and wireless systems and platforms beyond 3G", and is part of the Wireless World Initiative (WWI).

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