End to End Reconfigurability

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UPC Project Responsible

Ramon Agusti

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UPC Project Researchers

Ferran Casadevall
Ramon Ferrus
Antoni Gelonch
Jordi Perez-Romero
Oriol Sallent
Anna Umbert
Juan Sanchez

The End-to-End Reconfigurability (E²R) project aims at bringing the full benefits of the valuable diversity within the Radio Eco-Space, composed of a wide range of systems such as Cellular, Wireless Local Area and Broadcast. The key objective of the E²R project is to devise, develop and trial architectural design of reconfigurable devices and supporting system functions to offer an expanded set of operational choices to the users, applications and service providers, operators, regulators in the context of heterogeneous mobile radio systems.

Innovative Research, development and proof of concept will be sought in an end-to-end aspect, stretching from user device all the way up to Internet protocol, and services, and in reconfigurability support, intrinsic functionalities such as management and control, download support, spectrum management, regulatory framework and business models. End-to-End reconfigurability systems will provide common platforms and associated execution environments for multiple air interfaces, protocols and applications, which will yield to scalable and reconfigurable infrastructure that optimise resource usage, increased network and equipment capability and versatility by software modifications. The users will benefit from these capabilities by reaching the required service at times and places when and where needed at affordable cost. Furthermore, E²R proposes also to serve niche markets and provide users with special services via customised solutions that are open, flexible and programmable at all layers.

E²R will thus contribute to the realisation of the Ambient Space through which a modern society interacts and communicates with key capabilities of the Radio Eco-System and finally actively influence European industrial and economic competitiveness. Standardisation, Dissemination and Knowledge sharing under training instruments will be intensely used to consolidate this influence. The current consortium, composed by major manufacturers, operators, academia and regulation entities has an accurate understanding of the state of the art from various projects and bodies. These previous initiatives of course motivate the E2R project, but today’s ambitions go further to the end-to-end aspect and reconfigurability support aiming at a truly integrated, flexible, and intelligent heterogeneous mobile communications environment. The E2R project is addressing the core of the strategic objective "Mobile and wireless systems beyond 3G" and is part of the Wireless World Initiative (WWI).

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