Inter System Interoperability for Tetra-TetraPol Networks

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Oriol Sallent

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A European network where forces share communications, processes and a legal framework would greatly enforce response to disaster recovery and security against crime. Until now, uncertainty on costs, timescale and  functionalities has slowed down integration of national Public Protection & Disaster Relief (PPDR) networks.

The lack of interoperable communication systems has impeded the cooperation of PPDR forces, although a strong European commitment has been established through Schengen and Lisbon treaties.  ISITEP will develop procedures, technology and legal agreements to achieve a cost effective solution for PPDR interoperability. ISITEP will demonstrate full radio interface migration for PPDR resources. ISITEP end users  will drive requirements to guarantee legal, operational and technical coherence. In addition, a legal agreement template will be proposed for approval between Norway and Sweden within the project timeframe.


The project goals will be obtained through the delivery of the ISITEP framework, which will be based on:

• Mission oriented procedures, functional models and legal agreements

• An European network solution integrating all types of European national PPDR networks through a novel Inter

System Interface (ISI) over IP protocol encompassing:

ETSI standardized ISI among TETRA national networks

ISI over IP gateways among national TETRAPOL networks

ISI over IP gateways among TETRAPOL - TETRA networks

• Bi-technology terminals based on smartphones/tablets with PPDR applications

• Supporting tools to assess business sustainability, technology needs and improve training



Through ISITEP, European end users will leverage enhanced terminals in operations abroad within an agreed framework of procedures. This will improve cooperation among European PPDR resources for the benefit of all citizens. European stakeholders will have an economically sustainable solution for sharing national PPDR services. ISITEP’s results will be disseminated by a proper plan leveraging the Consortium, which includes all the manufacturers of national European networks and the main PPDR stakeholders. Furthermore, through ISITEP  technology, the European security industry will have new market opportunities.


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